Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #129

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #129

Hi there!

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your July 4th celebrations. I’m excited to present yet another digital marketing weekly roundup, where I’ve curated all the best digital marketing articles that I’ve found this week.

In this edition, we’re going to cover everything from exclusion targeting to video marketing. But before we get started, I just wanted to send a warm thank-you to everyone who has provided feedback on this newsletter. Having these conversations with you means a ton and helps me do a better job crafting a newsletter that ultimately makes you a smarter digital marketer.

With that said, let’s jump right in!

Facebook-Exclusion-TargetingExclusion Targeting: Your Ultimate Guide

Ambitious marketers want to treat Facebook Ads like a Superbowl Ad. Make one kickass creative and blast it out to as many people as possible. But a seasoned marketer knows the power of honing in on a profitable target market. In this post, we cover everything you need to know about exclusion targeting so that you can reach your most profitable customers without wasting your precious ad budget. Let’s get readin’!


3 MIN | YOUTUBE Video and search: YouTube, Google, the alternatives and the future | Search Engine Watch

Here’s an interesting stat: 1/3 of all internet usage time is through video. Predictions say that number will rise to 80% in 2019. The best time to start video marketing was 10 years ago. The second best time is now 🙂

4 MIN | GOOGLE Google introduces Smart Campaigns for small businesses – the first new solution to launch under the Google Ads brand | Search Engine Land

Google is introducing smart campaigns for small businesses as the first major rollout since Google’s Ad rebrand. With simplicity in mind, Google’s Smart Campaigns, which is now the default AdWords setting for new advertisers, automates everything from ad creative to delivery and optimization, making the process easy for SMBs who don’t have dedicated marketing teams.

6 MIN | MOBILE Smartphone users are reinstalling apps at a surprisingly high rate | eMarketer

All this time marketers thought app-reinstallers were from people who did not have enough space on their phones. However, this new report uncovered a more perplexing finding: people are more than willing to give apps a 2nd shot. Nearly 30% of app downloads in North America were reinstalls. For marketers in the tech space, this indicates the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO), so smartphones can discover you and clearly see the updates you’ve been making.


Content for Answers: The Inverted Pyramid

There’s no hacky way to dominate all of Google’s featured snippets. With their constant algorithm changes, there’s one thing that remains the same: high-quality, value-driven content always wins. In this episode of White Board Friday, Dr. Pete talks about the inverted pyramid approach to crafting intentional, original, and compelling pieces of content. Enjoy this one!


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