1. 25 Proven Ideas to Make Your Site a Conversion Machine

Whether you’re an e-commerce site or SAAS company, conversions play a huge role in the performance of your business. However, it’s not always easy to reach your conversion goals. Here’s 25 conversion rate optimization ideas to help you convince customers to make a purchase.

2. 4 Digital Marketing Tactics for Local Reach

If you think about it, every customer is a local customer. For brands that want to grow within a particular market, going local may be a better strategy than trying to sign up the entire US at once. This post will offer four campaign ideas that optimize local marketing efforts for target customers, in target cities.

3. ICYMI – 9 Tips to Jumpstart Your Snapchat Marketing Strategy

Last week, we wrote a guide to Snapchat Advertising. But ours isn’t the only opinion on Snapchat’s rapidly expanding marketing platform. Here are 9 next-level tactics the top marketers are already leveraging to drive growth via Snapchat.

4. The Top 10 U.S. Cities to Launch a Tech Startup

Austin ranks No. 1 in a new survey of the best U.S. cities for launching a technology startup. Check out all 10 cities with stats on what makes them such great locations to launch a startup. in the report by Pennsylvania-based Sungard Availability Services Capital Inc.


AdWords Top vs Other Report

The Top vs. Other compares how your ads perform when shown in the top positions versus other placements (source: AdWords Glossary). It’s among AdWords’ hidden reports crucial to your PPC success. Learn how to utilize this report to its full potential with this week’s tutorial.


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