1. Searchable Google AdWords Ad Creative Library

Need some inspiration for your next ad campaign? Check out Moat’s Display Ad Gallery for thousands of design and ad copy examples.

2. The 57 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for 2016

The WordPress masters over at SumoMe have spoken. Of the 44,000 WordPress plugins on the interwebs, you need not look beyond these 57 plug-ins. Personal favorites – Yoast SEO – Ultimate Branding – W3 Total Cache.

3. Ad Business Full of Nontransparent Practices, Study Finds

Research shows a massive lack of transparency between companies and advertising agencies. Read the not-so-surprising details here.

4. [Listen] Kitten YouTube Videos May be the Key to Efficient Time Management

The internet can be our greatest strength and biggest hindrance in the workplace. When everything from Cat videos to Russian dash cam live streams, it’s tough to make the right choices. In this week’s episode of Opt-In, Dan Pratt talks mastering the art of the calendar & why you should make time for your guilty pleasure each day.



how to exclude specific IP addresses adwordsThis is one of our mandatory AdWords account set up tasks. Have everyone at your company go to Search “My IP Address.” Follow this tutorial. Save money.



1. How 16 Companies Dominate Google’s Search Results

16 companies dominating search results

2. Nike’s Longest TV Ad to Date (European Soccer)

3. Facebook’s New Algorithm: A 42% Hit to Reach for Many Publishers

The classic tale of paid versus organic promotion. Is Facebook dealing with the same problems as Google when it comes to what should get “Organic” preference in the news feed? We think so. And this study agrees.

L2inc: This Week’s Winners & Losers

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