1. 🎯 How to Target Multiple Keywords With One Page | MOZ

A high-ranking page can show up in multiple SERPs, so learn how to boost your rankings by targeting multiple keywords on one page. MOZ always makes things so easy, don’t they?

2. 🔥 127 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Video Marketing

By 2020, video traffic will…

  • surpass 3x 2015 traffic
  • account for 75% of mobile traffic
  • probably still be all about Kim Kardashian

3. 🚀 How to Boost Your Posts with Facebook Ads

Boosting Facebook posts doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We break it down into a few simple steps.

4. 🔨 Build an Online Presence From Scratch: The No-Nonsense Guide

If you need some help building an online presence, enjoy these helpful branding tips from our friend Daren Low.




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Step up your #InstaGame 📸 ! Learn how to craft a visually compelling story, effectively work with influencers, and creatively engage with your followers in our comprehensive guide.



1. Instagram Sponsored Posts Now Termed ‘Partnerships’

2. Twitter Redesigned Itself to Make the Tweet Supreme Again

3. Google’s Mobile-First Index Likely not Coming Until 2018

4. Facebook Announces 3 New Features

  • More Controls in Audience Network
  • Instant Articles
  • In-Stream Ads

[Video of the Week]

AdHawk Co-Founder Todd Saunders walks through how to boost a post on Facebook.

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