1. 7 Super-Cheap Marketing Strategies
Growing your business on a budget? Entrepreneur shares 7 creative marketing strategies you should try.

2. The Most Important Content Marketing Step You’re Probably Skipping
Sometimes you write the golden blog post that deserves the world’s attention. But many of us are missing a crucial step in attracting eyes to our posts. Check out Forbes’ secret to content promotion.

3. The New Norm for Improved Twitter Engagement
If you didn’t hear, Twitter is easing up on its character limit. Marketing Land has some suggestions for what to do with this new freedom.

4. ICYMI – How to Make Damme Good YouTube Ads

claude van damme gifYouTube is THE place to advertise. While it can be difficult to think up the perfect YouTube ad, we turned to some of the best viral video ads from “Shipped my Pants” to “Darth Vader Kid”. This week’s blog breaks down How to Make Damme Good YouTube Ads Without Jean-Claude Van Damme.



Gmail Ads TutorialCurrently, Gmail Ads are one of the cheapest, most granularly targeted options for driving relevant traffic to your website. Check out this tutorial to learn how to set up Gmail Ads in under 3 minutes.



1. What Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn means for Bing and LinkedIn AdsMicrosofts-Acquisition-of-LinkedIn

2. YouTube’s new Director tools allow small businesses to create video ads on their phonesyoutube-director

3. Facebook Will Track Whether Ads Lead to Store Visits and Offline Purchasesfacebook ad tracking

L2inc: This Week’s Winners & Losers

Losers? Spotify, Text Messaging, and San Francisco. Winners? You, because this week’s video from L2 is hilarious.

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