1. Facebook Wants to Serve Every Ad on the Internet, Not Just Facebook

Facebook has started tracking non-facebook user behavior online, allowing Facebook advertisers of the future to more accurately target these users on 3rd party sites and apps in Facebook’s Audience Network. Facebook’s Display Advertising is already bigger than Google’s, and this only seems to fuel the fire.

2. Kenshoo’s Do’s & Don’ts of Dynamic Ads

Kenshoo gathers a LOT of consumer advertising data. Though the platform isn’t exactly accessible for the everyday advertiser, this report sure is.

3. [Study] Baby-Boomer Marketers vs. Millenial Marketers

baby boomers verse millennial marketers

4. [Download] Hubspot’s State of Business Emails Report

hubspot email report

Each week, we’ll try to like you right to some of the latest pieces of evergreen content. Let us know what you think! Here’s Hubspot’s latest report.



Display Network Placements
Don’t you want to know and control where your ads show on the display network? You choose your placements for Gmail Ads, and display should be no different.



1. More than half of adults get their news from social media

Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. In that order. Saved you a click.

2. IBM’s Watson Will Let Consumers Talk to Online Ads 

Forget segmenting audiences for more precisely targeted ads. Why not just let people tell you what they like and what they want? IBM’s Watson will soon power ads on and beyond. Read more from the WSJ.

3. Snapchat has more daily active users than Twitter (150 vs 140 million)

Yes. That is a fact. And here is the source if you want it.

L2inc: This Week’s Winners & Losers

The tech “bubble” & not having internet access

2 responses to “Digital Marketing Roundup #21

  1. I now dig Kenshoo. Yes, Snapchat is becoming a behemoth quickly. And I agree with Scott – food vs. online access? Sayonara, Taco Bell.
    Good roundup! This was really entertaining!

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