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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #126

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If you’re a content creator like me, I’ve got very good news for you YouTube and Facebook are fighting for creative content creators and as a result, are releasing tons of incredible tools. Find out what they’ve released this week in our weekly roundup below!


7 Default settings Adwords that lower your ROI

Not everything you’re promised is what you get, especially when it comes down to Digital Advertising. As AdWords continues to push out more automated features, there are a ton of adjustments and settings that are made by default. Here are 7 of the most important ones you’ve probably missed!


4 MIN | GDPR Marketers struggle to track audiences after Facebook and Google scale back data for GDPR

One of the greatest challenges for Digital Marketers is effectively measuring campaign performance across platforms. While there are common best practices, such as creating dynamic UTMs, GDPR is making life a little harder for advertisers. Many are now turning to 3rd party data companies to bridge the gap.

3 MIN | YouTube New tools for creative storytelling on YouTube

YouTube announced three major additions for content creators.

  1. Video Experiments: a head-to-head creative testing tool that you can run at no extra cost
  2. Creative Analytics: More in-depth retention reports with the ability to annotate key moments in your video, such as a video plug, or a brand play.
  3. Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing: Create ads that show in order over multiple pieces of content

4 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook launches gameshows platform with interactive video

Facebook also announced a ton of incredible new video features that’ll entice most major brands. The most notable addition is the new ‘live and on-demand video features.’ This allows creators to create live polls, quizzes, and challenges in your Facebook live and on-demand videos.


How to Design the Right Marketing Team

In this fireside chat, Netlify’s Erin Symons breaks down how to approach building the right marketing team. This in-depth chat covers everything from hiring and scaling to maximizing your current team’s potential.

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