Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #127

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After nearly two decades since its conception, Google is finally making drastic changes to their advertising products, which means OUT with the old and IN with the new!

Say goodbye to AdWords and say hello to our new friend, Google Ads. Please note that this is not merely a branding play, but a huge shift in how Google wants to run their ad business. We’ll discuss what this means to advertisers down below in this week’s digital marketing roundup!

Google company office green sign in downtown lower Chelsea neighborhood district Manhattan NYC, people entering, exiting doors entranceGoogle AdWords is now Google Ads

Google AdWords is now called Google Ads. So what does this mean for advertisers? Here are a few things you should know before Google’s full rollout in July:

  1. Automated ad campaigns called Smart Campaigns will be the default for business advertisers.
  2. Google Marketing Platform combines DoubleClick, Google Analytics 360, and a new platform called Display & Video 360 into one.
  3. Google Ad Manager combines Google’s monetization tools for publishers – DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers


5 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook claims subscription test results are ‘promising’ though still small | Digiday

Facebook’s relationship with publishers is like a never-ending wrestling match. In yet another attempt to help publishers generate more revenue, Facebook is offering a service where publishers can gate their content for a subscription fee. Facebook claims that an early beta test is showing positive results, while publishers remain wary. Watch this space!

3 MIN | GOOGLE Google Search Console releases URL inspection tool

Search Console now provides insight on URL health on Google search. This includes:

  • Last crawl date
  • Indexing errors
  • Canonical errors
  • AMP status and errors

4 MIN | AMAZON Amazon sunsets CPM ads

Amazon is officially retiring CPM ads by September 30th this year. All CPM ads will officially be shut down on December 31st. As an alternative, Amazon is pushing for Native Shopping Ads and their programmatic solution, Unified Ad Marketplace.

2 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook brings new level of transparency for ads and pages

Facebook is putting their money where their mouth is with this new transparency tool that allows all Facebook users to see which ads individual companies are running.


AdWords 101: How to Hack Google AdWords for Your Small Business

In this value-packed presentation, our Co-Founder and CEO Todd Saunders runs through everything advertisers need to know in order to succeed with Google AdWords. Starting from the basics of targeting all the way to bid adjustments, this talk covers it all!

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