Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #162

We’ve all heard the rumors… Yes, it’s no secret, Snapchat’s Discover platform isn’t working all that well for publishers. Although I do enjoy perusing through Daily Mail every once in a while, I can’t say Snapchat is where I get the bulk of my news content.

In an attempt to save their media channels, publishers like Junkin Media and Studio71 are looking to take a new approach to attract users — stories!

Join us for the rest of the breaking news in digital marketing this week👇


How Important Are Featured Snippets And How Can You Get Them?

Featured snippets dominate search ads whether you realize it or not! That little extra bit of information really brings in the engaged customer, someone who has interest in your product and intent to buy. Check out our blog post about Google’s structured snippets, after reading this article about their importance.


7 MIN |  YOUTUBE What Are YouTube Tags And Why Are They Important? | HubSpot

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so you definitely want to make sure your videos are being seen by the right audiences. This is where tags come in, they help you keyword-optimize and reach the best audience for your videos.

4 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook Faces New Privacy Concerns | TechCrunch

Ah, my favorite type of news– another Facebook privacy scandal. Looks like Facebook won’t let users opt out of connecting their phone number to their profile. This allows any Facebook profile to be looked up by phone number, something that was very helpful in middle school, but feels like a violation of privacy now.

4 MIN | GOOGLE Google Ads API Now Out Of Beta, v0 Will Sunset April 30 | Search Engine Land

The long awaited Google Ads API is finally out of beta and will be replaced by the new Google Ads on April 30. Important: requests in the beta version API will fail after the April 30 cut off date. Plus, plenty of new features to come!

9 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook Introduces a Premium Ad Offering for Video Advertisers | Search Engine Journal

If you are seeing success on with Facebook Ads, get excited because the platform is releasing a premium ad platform called Showcase. These ads will be shown on Facebook Watch and within video content on the newsfeed.



How to Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns: A Beginner’s Guide

LinkedIn is best known for connecting business professionals, but it is also a very successful ad platform, especially for B2Bs. If you are already using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Ads, you will easily pick up LinkedIn Ads. This beginner’s guide will get you started.

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