1. 7 Snapchat Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

There’s a lot of uncertainty around how effective Snapchat can be for businesses to reach new audiences and strengthen brand. These 7 accounts are great examples of what effective marketing looks like on Snapchat. If you’re a small business who has its doubts about Snapchat, read this.

2. The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook

“What’s that? ‘Yet another compendium of Atari-era marketing tactics!’ we hear you softly groan to yourself…” 😂

3. A Fast Start to 2017 for Click-to-Call Ads

Click-to-call ads are the easiest way for your clients to connect with your business. If you don’t have anyone to handle these calls, stick with click-to-message extensions.

4. Should You Hide Comments on Your Facebook Page?

First, assess if the comment is valuable, honest feedback that you can act upon. Second, ask yourself…WWSGD? (What would Scott Galloway Do?)





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