Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #163

Apparently Google hasn’t heard of the whole “green is the new black” trend, but, in classic New York fashion, is rolling out a black “ad” label in search.

This ad label will be simpler, and more discreet. Maybe Google is hoping we click on more ads? Search Engine Land assumes this change will improve ad CTR, so fingers crossed!

What else is new? Find out below!👇


Are You Wasting Money On Google Ads?

Ah, the age old question we marketers wonder every day: are our investments paying off? If only we had a few steps to know for sure we are doing it right! Well, this guide shows us 5 of the best ways to know you are making the most of your Google Ad spend. Check it out!


5 MIN |  FACEBOOK Here’s What Facebook’s 14-Hour Ads Manager Outage Might Have Cost | Ad Exchanger

We all experienced a hair-greying Wednesday this week with what will go down in history as “The Facebook Ads Crash of 2019,” but what are the real implications of the crash? Well, for starters, this outage could have cost Facebook more than $53 million in ad revenue.

4 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook Launches Gaming Tab As A Shortcut To Gamer Culture | VentureBeat

Facebook is rolling out a new gaming tab as part of their revamping of the navigation bar that started last year. Will this gaming feature include all of the Facebook games of old? Farmville, anyone? Maybe not, but I’m hopeful.

9 MIN | YOUTUBE To Chase Addressable TV Budgets, YouTube Is Changing How It Pitches Youtube TV | DigiDay

As interest in advertising on YouTube TV grows, the platform is looking to expand to a wider range of advertisers. In its first year, YouTube TV hopes to move on from just Google Preferred campaigns, and help advertisers reach the platform through more ad servers.


Back To Basics: A Beginners Guide To Voice Search And Digital Assistants In 2019

With voice search overtaking some of the top forms of search, we figured it could be a good idea to get back to square 1. This guide will show you the basics of voice search, Google Assistant, Google Home Hub, Amazon Alexa, and more! Check it out.

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