1. Facebook Takes on Snapchat with Messenger Day Stories

“Right now, we have two of the top messaging apps in the world; 900 million people use Messenger every month, and 1 billion people use WhatsApp every month,” – Mark Zuckerberg (Q4 2016). I’m starting to reconsider Facebook’s ability to envelope the company that pushed $3 BILLION back in their face #REVENGE.

2. 20 Growth Experiments to Improve Your Activation Rate

These tactics should be implemented to ensure a seamless handoff between your marketing and customer success efforts, focusing on technical enablement, knowledge enablement, on-going support and business relations.

3. 7 Practical eCommerce Tactics to Get Your Pinterest Game on Point

New to Pinterest? Here are 275+ stats to paint a picture of the platform with 150MM+ active users (aka potential customers) and some features they’ve added to foster e-commerce.

4. The Facebook Video that Turned 5 Million Views Into Over $200,000 In Sales

Felix Thea brings the heat in Shopify’s Master Podcast, speaking to the value of Facebook as a video platform.



This advanced big strategy is the perfect way to one-up your competitors on AdWords.
The Target Outshare Bid Strategy allows you to decide how frequently you want to outrank another domain. Be aware, if you choose 100%, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.
For more info on this AdWords capability, follow this Google “About” page.



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