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Our Co-Founders take the hot sauce trivia challenge, Twitter sees revenue soar in Japan, and Google announces new snippet features. Catch all this and more in this week’s Digital Marketing Weekly roundup!

7 Google Facts You Probably Didn't Know: History, Trivia, and More

 7 Google Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two decades, you’ve probably heard of this little company called Google. But take the time to ask yourself: What really is Google? A search engine? A self-driving car? The happiest place to work? An app developer?

The answer is yes.

Whether you’re using Google as an advertiser and taking advantage of its advertising offerings, or if you’re responsible for a couple of the 5.5 billion searches made every day, there’s still probably a ton you don’t know. We can say this confidently because even our two ex-Google Co-Founders had a hard time deciphering Google fact from fiction.

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Google is rumored to stop supporting last click attribution, which means advertisers should adequately prepare to shift their focus on more accurate attribution models.
These include:
  1. Linear Model: Every touch point that leads to conversion gets the same score.
  2. Time Decay Model: Touchpoints closest to point of sale get more credit.
  3. Position-Based Model: 40% of credit is assigned to first and last interactions. 20% is distributed evenly to the middle interactions.
  4. First-click Model: 100% of credit is given to the first touch point.
  5. Data-driven attribution model: Google’s black box attribution model that automatically provides different weights to ads.

3 MIN: Content Trends of 2018 | Search Engine Journal
Here’s what BuzzSumo gathered from their trend report:

  • Social sharing dropped 50% since 2015, due to a rise in private sharing via messaging apps and declining organic reach on Facebook.
  • Over 70% of all published content never receives a single backlink
  • Evergreen content beats the declining social sharing trends. This includes research-based content, reference-style content, long-life topics, and updated content.
  • Clickbait, listicles, and other #hacky tactics are dead, especially on Facebook
  • Linkedin Sharing is rising
2 MIN: Facebook launches a local news accelerator for publishers
After Zuckerberg announced that organic reach for publishers will decline even further, Facebook is trying to place again with local publishers by offering $3 million behind the launch of the Local News Subscriptions Accelerator. The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, and the San Francisco Chronicle are all on board.


Hot Sauce Trivia: Google Facts // Hawk Talks Ep. 2

How well do you think you know Google? We put our two ex-Google CoFounders to the test to see how much they know about the tech giant. Caution: hot!

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