Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #113

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #113

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Facebook’s Cambridge-Analytica scandal is hogging all the headlines this week, driving conversation about privacy, data, and the importance of smarter digital consumption behaviors.

The police are also asking Google to hand over mobile device data in areas around crime scenes, which is also raising a few eyebrows.

Naturally, these discussions around ethics and data lag behind the rapid advancement of technology.

Should Google be able to hand over your private information? Did Facebook actually do anything wrong? Reply to this email and let us know – we want to know what you think.


7 Pieces of Leadership Advice from Ex-Google CoFounders

New ventures can pull you into some pretty wild places – especially in the startup world. Today, we join the Co-Founders of AdHawk, Dan Pratt, and Todd Saunders, who talk about the ups and downs of starting a company and give advice that you can apply to the business venture you’re passionate about growing.

Let’s go!!


After briefly sunsetting this feature, YouTube is bringing back Director Onsite, where their dedicated video team shoots a professional-quality video for your business. Within 7-10 days you have an ad ready to launch!
All you have to do is commit $350 to YouTube advertising through your AdWords account. We tried it and wrote all about it in our Search Engine Land column.

1 MIN: Only 20% of retailers are advertising on Amazon | Digiday

Amazon reported $1.7 billion in ad revenue in their fourth quarter last year. Despite their tremendous success, Amazon has a ton of room to grow. Digiday reports that only 20% of retailers advertise on the platform, and only 2% of those advertisers are spending more than a quarter of their ad budget on Amazon ads. Here are some additional takeaways:
  • None are spending more than 50 percent of their marketing budget on Amazon.
  • Twenty-seven percent said they plan to advertise on Amazon in the coming year.
  • Zero percent said they had recently purchased an ad on Amazon Spark.
4 MIN: How the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica saga unfolded
Mark Zuckerberg and crew are under fire following reports that the personal data of 50 million users were obtained by an analytics firm that helped elect President Donald Trump. As a result, FB’s shares dropped 10% in 4 days. Zuckerberg’s response? “Woopsies.”


Startup Stories: Hiring, Firing, and Brute Force

Today, we talk about hiring, firing, and building a startup team.

AdHawk Co-Founders Dan Pratt and Todd Saunders discuss startup successes and pitfalls in this episode of #HawkTalks. From humble beginnings at Google and hiring their first team to scale their business and having to fire their first employee, our co-founders have done it all and they’re excited to share their stories.

Enjoy this week’s Hawk Talks! 

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