1. Introducing The Big Business of “Like Farming”

Facebook ‘likes’ might seem like a useless vanity metric. However, like farming is an extremely popular reality, adding false social proof to millions of pages.

2. Using Machine Learning to Fuel an AI-Powered Renaissance for Agencies

While robots still can’t cook you breakfast or crack a joke when you need a laugh, they’ve become quite good at eliminating lag time, increasing data informed decisions, and adding real-time flexibility in the workplace.

3. The Click-to-Call Playbook

We recently ran a failed test using Price and Call extensions together to drive traffic from an eCommerce conference. Our phone rang off the hook asking for information about the conference. Live and learn! Stick to ads matching the searcher’s intent 🤓

4. Facebook Introduces New Ecommerce Ad Format: Product-Focused ‘Collection’

Mobile shopping has never been this easy and Facebook knows it 💰



Domain Restricted Google Searches
 Doing market research for keywords, social media interaction, or link outreach? Augment your search efforts with domain restricted Google searches.
In the search bar enter “site:search” and your results will only show content from that specific site. For example if you search “” you’d find all of the amazing resources surrounding PPC on Reddit.



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