1. Top 100 Media Outlets & How to Reach Them (Spreadsheet)

Looking to make a splash with that next product launch or community outreach event? Use this spreadsheet to find an in. Not sure how to write a PR outreach email? Email us, and we’ll show you the email that lead to a feature in VentureBeat

2. How Marketers and Publishers Can Best Use Medium as an Ad Tool

Medium and Twitter founder Ev Williams shares his thoughts on how marketers and publishers can leverage Medium as an advertising tool today. He also discusses the opportunity it will provide to them in the near future as new tools become available. Read more.

3. Increase Your Performance on Instagram Ads With These Simple Tips

Our friends at Unbounce explain why converting Instagram users can be a pain in the adset. Read on to see the specific steps advertisers can take to simplify how to get mobile users to convert on their Instagram Ads. Our favorite is step 3. 

4. How a Slow Websites [Infographic] & Bad Customer Service are like Burning Money 

Two things that often sit low on the priority totem pole: Customer Service and Website performance. Though very different, neglecting these aspects of your business impacts UI, Customer Loyalty, Traffic, SEO, Market Competitiveness, Growth, AND your Bottom line, would you take notice?



5. How to Enable Call Extensions in AdWords

Businesses that are looking to increase the number of phone leads they get per should check out our tutorial of the week on Call Extensions. It’s without a doubt Drake’s favorite AdWords extension. Learn how to enable Call Extensions by clicking here.



6. Bing Ads Launch Social Extensions in US Market

Bing is spicing up their list of ad extensions with the launch of Social Extension. Advertisers can now add links to their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr pages directly to their ads. Bing hopes this will help advertisers engage with their customers more directly. Learn more on the Bing Ads blog.

7. Square and Facebook Team Up to Offer Ads That Can Be Measured (Really)

Square announced a new integration with Facebook this week that will help small businesses better understand how their advertising converts customers. Businesses using Square can now buy and target Facebook Ads using Square’s software. Ads bought this way can be directly connected to sales and activity data—a huge win for small businesses advertising online. Read more.

8. Facebook launches Instant Articles for WordPress Users and Bloggers Everywhere 

Facebook has tried a number of times to capture the market of long-form content creation. From unlimited length status updates, to notes, and much more, they have failed. They’re back with Instan Articles – a mobile-optimized, UI focused platform for bloggers to host their content on Facebook. Tamas Torok on Momentum’s blog walks you through how to set it up.

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