Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #114

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #114

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If you’ve got some time and extra budget on your hands, this week is looking good for you.

LinkedIn is rolling out native video ads to challenge Facebook’s dominance, AdWords releases a new keyword planning tool, and Waze is offering new local ad opportunities aimed at SMBs.

Read more to see what opportunities are right for you in this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup!

The Price is Right: How to Research and Bid on Profitable Keywords on Google AdWords

Keywords are words or phrases that define the subject of a certain topic.

That’s hardly a definition, but hear me out.
If someone searches on Google, “Best affordable potato slicer in USA,” your primary keyword is “potato slicer.” On Google AdWords, advertisers bid on these keywords to determine which search results they’ll show up for on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP for short).
Got it? Well, if you want to learn more, click through to read our ultimate guide to keywords!


After beta testing with 700+ advertisers, LinkedIn will roll out two new features in the next few weeks: Native Video Ads and Company Page Videos. FB and IG currently own 74% of all digital video ad spend, which LinkedIn is looking to contend. This is a huge win for B2B advertisers.
A research team from Northern University identified an exploitable tactic, where advertisers can use the audience reach estimates to infer attributes of anyone included in a custom audience list. As a response, Facebook will sunset the ‘estimated reach’ feature until the bug is fixed.
2 MIN: Google AdWords Releases New Keyword Planning Tool | Search Engine Journal

Google rolled out a new Keyword planner to all advertisers, which is available in the new AdWords Experience. Here are some notable changes:
  • Add keywords in bulk
  • Overview of forecasts and performance on one dashboards
  • Forecast section will show how keywords will impact performance and max CPC
  • Easier navigation to device and location breakdown


The Price is Right: Keyword Edition!

What are good keywords? How are they priced? What keywords are the most profitable? Want an answer to these questions and not read a lengthy article about it? Our Co-Founders Dan and Todd are here to save the day in this week’s Hawk Talks, where they cover everything you need to know about keywords!

Enjoy this week’s Hawk Talks!

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