1. Hack Google Docs with this Free Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

There are hundreds of shortcuts you can use on Google. But memorizing over a hundred actions will likely do more harm than good for your productivity.  Download our keyboard with the 35 shortcuts we use everyday.

2. If Facebook Ads Could Talk: What Your Facebook Ads Really Say

Did you know that you can view what targeting strategies advertisers are using to find you on Facebook? Todd Saunders took this knowledge and reverse engineered the Facebook Ads in his timeline. Read on for more insight.  

3. Make Best Friends, Not Business Connections

Dive deep into one of the more unique blogger outreach tactics in the SEO & audience building game. This tip from Michael Pozdnev shows you how to make meaningful blogger outreach relationships.

4. 61 Powerful Examples of Conversion-Driven Website Copy

We’re huge proponents of conversion driven campaigns – be it paid ads, blog posts, or webinars. Here are some of the best converting landing pages in the game. 


       This Week’s BEST Digital Marketing Jobs

  1. Director of User Acquisition @ Rinse – SF
  2. Analytics Associate @ Thumbtack – SF
  3. Growth Marketer @ Formlabs – BOS
  4. SEO Manager @ Tradesy – Santa Monica
  5. Content Marketer @ Datanyze – San Mateo


Tip of the Week

Let AdWords decide which campaigns should receive the majority of your budget with a shared budget for your account. Learn how to implement this almost mandatory practice for your AdWords account.

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