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There hasn’t been a better time to invest in digital advertising! In GroupM’s new ‘state of digital’ report, they claim that consumers are more likely to view ads online than on TV – for the first time ever. Read on to discover how this affects Google and Facebook’s ecosystem.


What you need to know about Facebook’s exclusion targeting to earn your best advertising ROI

If you haven’t identified your most profitable audience yet, cast a wide net to identify your golden eggs. Now, you don’t want a wide target for too long, or else you’ll lose a ton of money on wasted clicks. In this guide, we’ll show you how to master exclusion targeting on Facebook to zero in on your most profitable audience.


Google touted their growth in this year’s I/O 2018 conference, highlighting their massive influence in the mobile market. In May 2016, Google drove 2 billion app installs, and that number has quintupled in just two years. As a result, Google will launch a beta that allows developers to surface relevant app content within ads, and will work with the IAB to ensure viewability standards.
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Tech’s Two Philosophies | Stratechery

Why was Google’s I/O keynote one of the most impressive tech conference in a long while? Stratechery says it’s Google’s philosophy of ’empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,’ which aligns very closely with Steve Jobs’ philosophy with Apple. Read on to see why this matters.

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For the first time, consumers are more likely to view ads online than on TV | AdWeek

GroupM recently reported that consumers spend an average of 9.73 hours per day with personal media. GroupM predicts online will take 38% total share of media time, while TV trails at 37%. Radio and print take 18% and 7% respectively.


Stop wasting your money by keeping all your keywords in the default setting, broad match. Your ads will show up in the most random places with no rhyme nor reason. Enjoy this video to master keyword match types and see massive improvements in your advertising ROI.

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