1. 10 New Facebook Features Ever Marketer Should Know

facebook 10 year plan

Last month, Mark Zuckerberg laid out the future of Facebook. Though lofty tech like VR and AI bots dominated the conversation, every aspect of Zuckerberg’s keynote revealed new tools and opportunities for marketers to expand their audience. Here are the 10 key takeaways for marketers.

 2. 85 Ways to Build Your Email List

SumoMe + List Building Ideas = $$$. Read their latest Sumo-Sized Guide here.

3. 5 Ways to Add Some Razzle-Dazzle to your Digital Ads

razzle dazzle

Banner ads are so boring that the majority of internet users are completely oblivious to their existence. As marketers, your content needs to stand out to be seen. Here are 5 really easy ways to help your ads stand out across platforms.

4. Motivational tips from 38 Successful Entrepreneurs & Marketers

It’s tough to be “on” your game all the time. Sometimes your motivation tank is running on fumes. Hear how these 38 entrepreneurs overcome these stalling periods with process, discipline and good habits in this quick read from Timezillionaire.



5. How to Set Up Your Instagram Ad Account (60 Second Tutorials)

We talk a lot about the importance of jumping on new ad platforms, networks, and creative types. Ad networks are marketplaces. The newer the platform, the lower the competition. Instagram is definitely in this category, but not for much longer. Instagram cast studies show staggering numbers of app downloads and website conversion at the fraction of display and search. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up your Instagram advertising account



6. Google to ban payday loan advertisements

The existence of payday loans is a highly contentious topic among psychologist, economists [podcast: Planet Money], and even designers [podcast: 99% invisible]. Google doesn’t seem to think of it as a bipartisan issue with its recent decision to ban payday loan stores from advertising with AdWords.

7. Instagram’s new logo: Everyone is freaking out

Instagram is the second Unicorn to go MAJOR brand overhaul this year. Like Uber, the photo sharing app is getting a lot of feedback from users – almost entirely negative. If you open the Instagram app and scroll down, you’ll likely see a sponsored post from Instagram. Read through the comments. Adweek sums it all up in their latest piece.

8. Behold, the power of vertical video: Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Snapchat lens was viewed 224 million times

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