Digital Marketing Round 121

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #121

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Google found a way to generate articles by aggregating trusted pieces from all around the web, which means they don’t have to promote your native content anymore. Welp!

This is a huge step for Google as more and more people rely on voice search, which pulls results from rich snippets. They now have a way to generate more accurate and more concise results, enhancing the voice search experience.

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How to set up AdWords Display Campaigns in 2018

If search ads are the bread and butter of AdWords, the display campaign is the Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato of the complete AdWords diet. While Search campaigns are limited to the Google Search results page, Display campaigns leave the confines of Google and appear on websites throughout the web. Here’s how to get started!


Google has developed a new algorithm that extracts key factoids from multiple websites to spit out an extremely condensed and accurate piece of content. After multiple iterations, Google will use this algorithm for Search Snippets and no longer have to show 3rd party answers or articles.
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Report: Amazon tests retargeting ads in strike at Google, Criteo

Amazon is introducing retargeting options for select advertisers, with an option to make device bid adjustments. This new feature is one of many ad products that Amazon plans to roll out, as they begin to challenge Google and Criterio. Amazon’s soaring ad revenue of $2 billion in Q1 doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon.
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‘A clone of Facebook’: Snapchat’s beta test of its reach and frequency tool is helping media buys

Snapchat is taking a page right out of Facebook’s playbook by creating a new ad product that closely resembles Facebook’s. This tool shows reach and frequency for a set CPM, that helps advertisers evaluate their advertising and to plan ahead.


The Amazon of Entertainment

Scott Galloway sits down with Senior Editor from the Atlantic, Derek Thompson, to discuss the future of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney. Who will come out on top? Find out what these two experts have to say.

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