#1. 100 Marketing Growth “Hacks” 

This post is packed with great strategies to try this summer for your business. Bookmark this one, some of this will require some planning! Highly recommended to help you brainstorm new ideas for growth 🙂 Read more

 2Twitter says influencers are almost as trusted as friends

Sparking engagement on Twitter is tough. Automated Tweets and bologna out there dilute feeds and the overall experience. A few, called “influencers” have cracked the code to acquiring a dedicated and engaged following. And buyers trust them. A lot.

3. Study: 62% of SMB marketers now using marketing automation software

“The trick to success is finding a provider that optimizes marketing programs  by helping internal teams better understand what processes are working well.” – Malinda Wilkinson, CMO of Salesfusion. Thanks AdStage for this one.

4. Status of Google Search Ads

As you know from our previous roundups, Google recently removed Search ads from the right side of the search engine results page (SERP). Since, Google introduced “four-pack” ads: advertisements that take up the top four SERP results. They’re becoming much more common:




quality score explained

Oftentimes, AdWords success is closely correlated with the amount of time you spend setting up and adjusting campaigns for better performance.

One thing that requires attention to detail is achieving a good quality score. The quality score is the strongest determinant of spend, position, and thus performance.

Here’s our strategy for structuring ad groups to assure a boost in quality score and relevant clicks.



1. Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140 Character Limit(!!!!)

The 140 character limit on Twitter was originally meant to make text delivery smooth for mobile phones with 160 character text limits. It’s time we move on so we can keep more in depth and engaged content native to the Twitter platform. Watch the video from Bloomberg

2. Twitter acquires mobile app advertising display network

Twitter is making moves into the mobile app advertising space. Already one of the fastest growing advertising networks, Twitter seems to be doubling down on the platform that launched its success – the mobile app. Read about Twitter’s integration with MoPub ad exchange.

L2inc: This Week’s Winners & Losers

I’ll be including an L2inc Think Tank video each week. Why? Because Scott Galloway is the John Stewart of digital media. Let us know what you think.

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