1. Google Announces Newest Ad Innovations at Google Marketing Next

The 3 standout announcements:

  1. Google Attribution
  2. YouTube Location Extensions
  3. In-Market Audiences for Search

2. How Do Users Like Snapchat Ads?

…Not much, but sponsored filters do better than standard ads.

3. Marketing Tech Investment Forecast: 🌤

A panel recap from the recent MarTech Conference that focuses on investing in the future of marketing technology and bottlenecks to be wary of.

4. Brand Marketers Aren’t Effectively Measuring Performance

Vanity metrics aren’t enough to measure brand awareness (**cough cough…Google**)…oh wait, Google Survey’s 360 can help with that?



Value Attention as Currency

At the time of IPO Snapchat had no major revenue streams and a market cap of $33 Billion.

They accomplished this by acquiring what all advertisers want access to: attention. Thankfully with the help of Googles new Survey’s 360, attention and brand awareness can be more easily tracked and improved on.



1. Twitter Amplifies Consumer Engagement Tools for Businesses 

2. Facebook Recruits Its Top Publishers for Exclusive Shows 

3. Google Warns Against Using Links in Large-Scale Article Campaigns

4. Memorial Day is no Joke for Digital Advertisers

[Video of the Week]

In our current economic climate would you rather be a Tech or Luxury company? Scott Galloway asks whether there’s a difference in today’s Winners & Losers.

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