#1. 6 Twitter Ad Targeting Strategies

In the 7 seconds it took you to get to this sentence, over 50,000 Tweets have been sent. Once you learn how to set up a Twitter Ads campaign, check out these 6 targeting strategies from PPC Hero.

 210 Key Takeaways from Google’s Performance Summit

Google Summit 2016 gif

As the digital advertising landscape widens, Google is under constant pressure to stay ahead of the curve. With this year’s Performance Summit, Google claims to be making HUGE leaps forward with its advertising and data analytics suites. Our Performance Summit Recap.

3. How to Research the Path to Customer Purchase – Moz’s Whiteboard Friday 

whiteboard friday may 27th

4. What SumoMe Learned from 2 Billion Website Pop-Ups
There’s a good chance you’re getting this email because you subscribed from a popup over on the AdHawk blog. Though they’re a bit of an eyesore, popups are an extremely effective way to deliver valuable insight to more people. Here are some best practices from the kings and queens of the pop up over at SumoMe.



How to get the most out of your AdWords Account Manager 

If you have an AdWords account, you have a dedicated AdWords Account Manager. In fact, you can call the AdWords support team anytime you want (during business hours).

This is a key resource anytime you’re feeling stuck navigating an AdWords account or campaign. Here’s how to get the most value out of that conversation.



1. Google now controls 12% of all global media spend

Alphabet is the largest media owner in the world… and growing.

2. Video ad spend is rising… FAST

video ad spend is rising

3. Google Removes the Expiration Time for Customer Match Email Addresses

Haven’t set up a Customer Match list in AdWords? We’ve got your back with an AdWords email targeting tutorial.

L2inc: This Week’s Winners & Losers

The decline of Vine. The rise of Home Depot.

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