Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #119

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #119

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While Facebook stole most of the headlines this week, Microsoft announced a gigantic 201% revenue boost from selling video ads. In other news, Google adds new features to the power editor, and Instagram launches payment for commerce.

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How to set up search ads on Google AdWordsHow to set up search campaigns in 2018

Want to get a head start and master the new Google AdWords experience? Well, this is the perfect place to start. Here’s a guide on how to set up a search campaign in 2018!


The AdWords power editor has a ton of new features including:
  1. View and download Search Terms Report
  2. Use Filter Functions
  3. Make edits in CSV import
  4. Account-level extension associations
  5. Interest categories in Search and Shopping Campaigns
  6. Custom intent audiences
  7. TrueView for action
  8. Shopping inventory filters
  9. Freezable columns
  10. Faster policy review when uploading ads
  11. Responsive search ads

3 MIN: Amazon opens Alexa in-skill purchasing to all US developers | Venturebeat

Brands may now offer one-time purchases within Alexa skills. Jeopardy, The Ellen Show, and TuneIn are already utilizing this feature.

6 MIN: 

Microsoft’s MSN sees 201% revenue boost from selling video ads | Marketing Brief

Microsoft saw a 201% increase in video revenue and 29% rise in eCPMs by providing pre-roll, out-stream, and in-article ads through AppNexus. As the demand for video ad placement increases, more and more platforms are optimizing their designs to maximize ad viewing.
Microsoft’s and Refinery29’s video-centric redesigns are clearly paying off.


Stop wasting your money by keeping all your keywords in the default setting, broad match. Your ads will show up in the most random places with no rhyme nor reason. Enjoy this video to master keyword match types and see massive improvements in your advertising ROI.

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