1. How One Business Leveraged Pinterest to Decrease Their CPA by 13%

Without a 20% Text Rule, Pinterest elevates your message efficiency.

2.How to Set Up a Facebook Messenger Ad

Facebook has access to over 2 billion active chat app users (Messenger + What’s App) all waiting to convert on your beautifully designed ads.

3.Digital Marketing Attribution Explained by Cows 🐄🐄

What?…you didn’t you know the C in PPC stands for Cows?

4. How to Exclude Children’s Channels from YouTube Advertising

Age based targeting only goes so far. Most children explore the web logged in under their parents’ accounts.



The magic in voice search PPC lies in the beloved top ranked result. In many cases, SERPs will only respond with one result, and one result only.
With companions like Siri, Amazon Echo, and Facebook M becoming more prevalent,  the value of voice search optimization is on the rise.



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