1. Marketing the Next Web Way [Series]

The Next Web is the Buzzfeed of tech and the Internet of Things. We mean that as a compliment – they’ve amassed a massive audience by producing consistently great content (albeit with some click-bait titles). They’re a content marketing case study waiting to happen. For the past few months, TNW has been breaking down their marketing strategies for your educational pleasure:  

2. What Kobe Bryant can teach you about becoming a PPC All-Starkobe bryant gif

Kobe wasn’t just one of the most successful basketball players in history – he was one of the most disciplined learners and practitioners of his craft. There are a few key elements of Kobe’s career that you can take home with you to be a master of your Court. Read on Search Engine Land.



3. A Complete Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions [+Infographic]

call extension adwords

Ad Extensions are a simple (and FREE) way to make your Search and Text ads more relevant. Setting up the right ad extension for your business has a few key benefits: improved quality score. Increased CTR. Lower CPC for a certain position. Increased Impression real-estate. Learn and download our ad extension guide to get the most out of your next campaign.



4. How JetBlue Makes Passengers LOVE Crying Babies

5. Has Advertising Left the ‘Mad Men’ World? [NYTimes Op-Ed]

Like many of you, I’ve loved following Don Draper & the Mad Men world of 60’s Advertising. It’s easy to brush off the misogyny and patriarchy that ran through the veins of the industry because things are so different now, right? Perhaps not.

6. Instagram is Adding Video to Carousel Ads

Instagram’s library of content offerings for both users and advertisers is barreling down the tracks. Quickly after introducing 60-second video ads, Instagram is now incorporating more advanced video features for advertisers. Read more.

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