Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #147

Unfortunately, Facebook couldn’t quite bridge the gap from internet to television. 2 years ago, FB launched Connected TV ads, hoping to run your ads across Smart TVs and connected TV devices like Roku and YouTube TV. Due to many road blocks, like lack of performance and strange display preferences, along the way, they have pulled their TV ad network after a valiant two-year effort. Hate to see ya go, Facebook connected-TV ads, but love to watch ya leave.

Read on for big updates to your Google My Business page, LinkedIn company profile, and Pinterest scrolling experience 👇


How To Set Up Structured Snippet Extensions In Google Ads

We can all admit we strive to be unique in our online ads, right? We add more and more extensions until we are sure our ads will stand out. Google has been changing the mobile format of structured snippets for months, so we’ve updated this guide with more examples and best practices for using Structure Snippets!



2 MIN |  GOOGLE  Google launches special Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals ad unit

With the holidays approaching, ecommerce is going to soar, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So this year, Google will serve special holiday-related keywords and variations. This could really help you kill it in Q4 sales this year. 

5 MIN | LINKEDIN LinkedIn Company Pages get a refresh with new content suggestion tool, ways to engage employees | Marketing Land

LinkedIn continues to be the frontrunner in social media for businesses and their employees. I mean, we all turn to LinkedIn for our professional needs, right? So, good news! They are continuing to make changes to their interface with new and useful updates. 

2 MIN | PINTEREST  Pinterest’s redesigned feed may drive more referral traffic | Search Engine Journal

In addition to an epic design revamp, Pinterest is adding a few more changes to their pinning system. Earlier this year they added a following tab to the app, and now the feed shows a combination of pins you follow and pins you might want to follow. Sounds like lots of referral traffic is coming our way!


 The Ultimate Growth Engine: step by step processes to automate your outreach on LinkedIn / Twitter / Email

If you are tired of working tirelessly around the clock to reach out on behalf of your business, don’t worry, we are here to help. You can automate your outreach on many platforms to make your life easier and your outreach smoother. Check out this guide on how to do it!

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