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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #97

The Latest and Greatest in Digital Advertising

Hi there,Is Facebook becoming too powerful? According to Pew Research, more than 67% of Americans say they get their news from social media and 45% of adults in the US cite Facebook as a news source. Yikes.

Well on that super positive note, we’ve got a ton more content for you. Read on for more!


AdWords frequency capping guide: set up and best practices

Everything has its limits – like how much ice cream you can possibly gulf down your throat. One or two scoops is good. If it’s Ben and Jerry’s maaaaaybe I’ll push it to three, but as soon as someone offers a 4th or 5th scoop, I’ll never want to look at ice cream ever again.
In similar fashion, showing a person the same ad over and over again may overfill their ‘ad stomach’, make them irritated, and cause them to not only ignore the ad, but potentially instill a negative perception toward your brand… So you might be asking, “When is enough enough?”
That’s a great question – let’s dig right in.


3 MIN: 3 last-minute Google Shopping tricks to level up your account for the holidays | Search Engine Land
What we cover:

  • Use showcase shopping ads to create more rich shopping experiences
  • Segment your bids using priorities
  • Integrate a feed management tool to automatically update your Merchant Center data feed

12 MIN: How Facebook’s oracular algorithm determines the fates of start-ups | New York Times
Why you’ll find this interesting: This NYT piece digs deep into Facebook’s stronghold in the tech space, along with the ethical conversations around their domination in the realm of digital advertising. If you have time for a nice, lengthy read, this is for you.

2 MIN: Twitter launches lower-cost subscription access to its data through new Premium APIs | TechCrunch
Why you’ll find this interesting: Twitter offered free Standard APIs and pricey Enterprise APIs, but nothing in between – until now! The Premium API ranges from $149/month to $2,499/month based on how much data you need.

Although this may be a reason to celebrate, developers may still be feeling uneasy about Twitter’s integrity after sudden restrictions were made to developer’s dismay back in 2012.


Leo Widrich from Buffer

The Science of Running Great Experiments and How to Build Your Growth Team

In this video, Leo Widrich, the Co-Founder of Buffer, chats with Robin Wauters about pricing, sustained revenue streams, product, customer value, actionable metrics, testing, and more!

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Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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