1.  Google’s Mobile-First Index: How to Prepare Your Business

2. Candor is hard: The 4 Psychological Barriers to a Healthy Team-Feedback Culture

One of the biggest obstacles to growth is accurately assessing your own performance. Organizations like Matter are living by the motto that “feedback is a gift”, and thriving because of it.

3. A Statistician’s Guide to Fueling Growth with A/B Testing

Let’s be honest with ourselves…how many of our A/B tests get at least 6,000 conversions before we jump to conclusions? If they’re not, testing is likely a waste of your time. It might take time, but trusting statistical methods that have ensured the success of life-saving drugs, 24mile long bridges, and trips to the moon is the best way to ensure growth in your digital marketing campaigns. And it’s not that difficult, learn here.

4. 11 Brain-Training Exercises for Your Content Marketing Team 



Exercise your ad muscles by reverse engineering Facebook ads that show up in your newsfeed. When you see an ad, ask yourself the following questions: Why am I getting this ad? Did the image make me stop scrolling? Does the ad text speak to its target audience?” Whether you’re a beginner, or CEO of an advertising software company, this fun exercise will give you a deeper understanding of Facebook advertising and how other businesses are utilizing it.



1. Facebook: An Update on Metrics and Reporting

Just a few days after Facebook announced it’s initiative to stop the spread of misinformation they’ve reported bugs in their own reporting metics. This is also following their September announcement regarding miscalculated video view metrics.

2. Winners and Losers: The Biggest Winners (and Losers)

100 Episodes! If you haven’t watched Scott Galloway’s videos (which we post at the bottom of this newsletter almost every week ) you must. After 100 Winners and Losers episodes, he recaps the rankings looking back at 2016.

3. The State of 2016 Social Media Report [Buffer]


4. Did Trump’s Use of Digital Ads Sway Undecided Voters?

[Video of the Week]

Winners and Losers Episode 100! Find out who’s going to win the race to first TRILLION DOLLAR company…


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