Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #145

With the upcoming midterm elections, digital news has gone political this week. While we thought Facebook successfully cracked down on campaign ads when they instituted a new rule where political campaigns must specify who the ad was “paid for by,” Vice discovered all the loopholes that easily bypass the review process. Yikes.


Read about this and more in this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup! Here we go!

7 Default Settings in AdWords That Lower Your ROI

I am sure we have all fallen victim to default settings, thinking the machine knows more than we do, especially with something as complicated as Google Ads. Never fear, we have the solution for you. Check out this guide to the 7 default settings that are slashing your ROI.


2 MIN |  GOOGLE  Segment Google Ads store visits by ‘new vs. returning’ visitors | Search Engine Land

Here’s another exciting update from Google Ads:

  • If you are an advertiser that has store visit data showing in your Google Ads account, you will be able to segment visitors even more.
  • You will be able to see if those who have engaged with your ads have or haven’t visited your store.
  • This will help advertisers really see the in-store benefit of their ads.

5 MIN | FACEBOOK Zuckerberg gets joint summons from UK and Canadian parliaments | Tech Crunch

The social media/government international mixer continues: Canada and the UK are putting together a committee to handle such matters. After the infamous Facebook-data-breach-scandal-2k18, Zuckerberg was summoned for questioning by the 2 counties to help make this happen.

5 MIN | AMAZON  Alexa can now talk about the midterm elections, and other social media platforms get political | Digiday

Amazon’s Alexa is now equipped to talk about the midterm elections. You can say, “Alexa, what’s my midterm update?” and she will be able to tell you what is happening before, during, and after the polls.


10 Questions to Ask to Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Ads Campaign

If you’re using Facebook Ads for the first time or you’re just plateauing, maybe it’s time to revisit the basics. We’re here to help you make more money and feel great about your campaign, so here’s a post that we found that will help you get back on your feet!

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