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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #95

The Latest and Greatest in Digital Advertising


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The financial reports are out and the tech space is looking good, especially Microsoft and Amazon. Bing’s search revenue grew 15% while Amazon’s Q3 ad revenues surpass $1 billion.

This and more in this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup!

SMART TIPThe top twitter marketing influencers you should follow

Trying to find worthwhile content within the 500 million tweets sent every day on Twitter can be overwhelming, to say the least. Even if you’re parsing through specific hashtags like #digitalmarketing or #seo, much of it is overgrown with spammers tweeting hundreds of times per minute.


3 MIN: Zucks: Ad transparency regulation would be very good if done well | Tech Crunch
Why you’ll find this interesting: As the political ad debacle continues, Zuckerberg claims he’s open to working with Congress on legislation to stop this from happening again. This also means the majority of his focus now shifts towards security, elevating Facebook’s expense estimates. He’s playing the long term game.

5 MIN: [Pay Wall] Ad Blocker’s successful assault on Facebook enters its 2nd month | AdAge
Why you’ll find this interesting: Desktop ads accounted for $2.5 billion of FB’s ad sales, and they’re struggling to circumvent the popular ad blocker, Ad Block Plus. Nearly 30% of internet users in the USA use ad blockers, while advertisers find a white space in delivering more mobile ads, where ad blocking adoption is significantly slower.

2 MIN: Google: Updating low quality content better than deleting | Search Engine Journal
Why you’ll find this interesting: Breathing new life to old pieces of content is not only an efficient content publishing tactic, but a confirmed SEO-boosting strategy. We’ve been doing this ourselves, over here at AdHawk and have seen really kickass results.


dennis yu

How to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook

Dennis Yu and Logan Young give us a hands-on workshop on How To Get Your Content Seen & Facebook Marketing for 2017. Follow along in this step-by-step guide to Facebook content excellence! Watch now.

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