Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #14

As the constant Facebook struggles continue, the platform will be rolling out updates to political ads, which they had experienced difficulty with earlier this year. In 2019, after they put in place a verification process for political advertisers. Facebook hopes to limit international interference in American politics and elections through ads on their site. 

Read on for our weekly roundup with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Updates!👇


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3 MIN |  INSTAGRAM  Instagram is rolling out alternative text descriptions for visually impaired users | Venturebeat

In a world where being inclusive is finally at the top of everyone’s to-do lists, Instagram is following suit. In the coming months they will be adding alternative text descriptions to benefit those who are visually impaired, which, of course, will also widen their user-base. Smart move!

2 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook is testing local government emergency alerts | Venturebeat 

In another Facebook update, the site announced it will be sending out notifications for local emergencies put out by local government. This way, news updates will be sent to Facebook’s millions of users, based on their location and local government.

2 MIN | GOOGLE  Google Ads Can Now Count Calls from Location Extensions as Conversions |Search Engine Journal

Updates in Google tracking this week! Google has linked calls dialed from location extensions to conversion tracking, so if your call extension results in a conversion you will be able to track it as long as account-level call reporting is enabled.


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