1.  5 Ingredients for Writing the Perfect Expanded Text Ad 

A study of over 1.2 million ads boiled down to 5 ingredients. Dense and insightful.

2.  Micro-Moments and Beyond: Understanding and Optimizing for Consumer Intent 

4 steps clearly defined on how to identify, organize, prioritize, and analyze the moments when your consumer needs you the most.

3. Has “Digital Marketing” Just Been “Marketing” All Along? 

Every intro to marketing class starts with the ‘4 Ps Marketing Mix’ (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) . “Shouldn’t the modern day ‘4 Ps’ be different though?” is an imperative question that content creator turned digital marketing researcher Kristeen Romero poses in her new up-and-coming marketing blog.

4. IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Conducted by PWC

An in depth look into the massive increase in digital advertising expenditure, including a 17% shift to mobile spending from other platforms since 2015.



Many businesses miss sales opportunities because they assume Supercustomers won’t buy more. According to Harvard Business Review this is a myth: Crush Your Holiday Sales Goals with Your Supercustomers



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