Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #146

Facebook is making moves and revolutionizing the video-chat world with their new “Portal” product. We will be able to use Facebook messenger to marry video chat and AI technologies, with a campaign focused around bringing people together. It has special zoom and sound effects to make it easy to connect to a full room of people, making you feel like you’re in, well, a portal. Nice work, Facebook!


Read on for all this and more! Here’s our weekly roundup! 👇

The Price is Right! How to Research and Bid on Profitable Keywords on Google Adwords

Keywords in Google Ads got ya down? Let’s make it fun! We are here to help you research and bid on keywords to get the most bang for your buck! Check out this guide to help you absolutely #slay your keywords and convert like crazy.



2 MIN |  GOOGLE  Google Ads intros new ad position metrics | Search Engine Land

If it feels like you are always trying to keep up with Google Ads updates, don’t sweat it! That’s what we are here for. These four new metrics will show you where your ads will really appear in search results:

  • Impression (absolute top) %
  • Impression (top) %
  • Search (absolute top) impression share
  • Search (top) impression share

5 MIN | FACEBOOK Facebook is facing an EU data probe over fake ads | Tech Crunch

In yet another development on the data breach scandal, Facebook, after refusing to appear in front of the UK and Canadian courts, has been targeted after being called out for fake political ads. Get it together, Zuckerberg!

5 MIN | SAMSUNG  Samsung opens Bixby to third-party developers | Venture Beat

In a big move by tech underdog, Samsung, it’s AI software, Bixby, is now spreading to third-party apps. Developers will now be able to program voice-enabled apps with Bixby. They will also soon be able to market and sell these apps in an online marketplace.


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