Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #142

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #142

Don’t you hate it when you’re laying in bed, mindlessly scrolling through your Google+ feed and then suddenly realizing that it’s already 3am?

Me neither.

Apparently the average time spent on Google+ is a whopping 5 seconds. No wonder Google finally made the decision this week to shut the failed experiment down!

Read what this means and more in this week’s digital marketing weekly roundup!


Why you should enable message extensions (and how to set them up)

In the unlikely event that you’re ingesting the information contained within this blog post by means of a friend reading it aloud to you over the phone, you might want to sit down for what they’re about to say:

People just don’t use their phones to make calls like they used to.

Don’t unplug your business’s landline phone, and certainly don’t punt it out the nearest window. Nor should you remove the call extensions from your Google Ads account. But you should add on one of Google’s newest extension offerings: Message Extensions.

Read all you need to know about message extensions in our most recent blog post here!


 4 MIN | GOOGLE Google to close Google+ after 7 years: A look back at the impact it once had on Google search | Search Engine Land

Believe it or not, there was once a time where Google+ actually impacted search results. Google is finally shutting it all down, to absolutely no one’s dismay. Bye bye Google+, we’re happy they’re putting an end to your misery. +1.

7 MIN | FACEBOOK  Facebook’s Marketing Partner program integrates smaller agencies, consultants | Marketing Dive

Facebook announced a few goodies in their marketing partner summit this week including:

  • FMP badges for independent marketing consultants
  • More in-depth training for partners and consultants via Messenger
  • Creative Compass will help measure performance of creative assets for clients

1 MIN | YOUTUBE YouTube cracks down on duplicate content videos | Marketing Land

While Facebook is practically encouraging ripped videos to strengthen their video numbers, YouTube is fighting to keep quality content on the platform. YouTube will pull any content that they deem to be duplicates and users have 30 days to remove it.

YouTube has implemented lots of policies like this in the past, but they’ve never been perfect. Hopefully this protects content creators and not cause yet another ‘adpocalypse’ situation.


6 Most Common Questions about PPC Advertising: answered!

In this episode of Hawk Talks, Dan Pratt and Todd Saunders sit down and tackle 6 of the most common PPC questions they get from clients almost every day. So sit back and relax while they address everything from getting starting in Adwords to quick and easy ways to improve your campaign performance.

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