1.  7 Principles To Mastering Growth Marketing

In this fresh-perspective piece on growth marketing, Brian Balfour shifts your attention toward true growth tactics and steers you away from striking fools gold, which he would call “growth hacks”.

 2.  Workplace by Facebook opens to sell enterprise social networking to the masses

Earlier this year Slack raised $200M on a $3.8B valuation. Now Facebook has decided to anti-up on the enterprise software market by releasing Workplace by Facebook. Considering that personal users spend close to an hour a day on the network, integration into the workplace could either be seamless or potentially result in Facebook overload.

3. AdWords rolls out Salesforce account linking for automated conversion imports

If you want to put a smile on your interns face, show them this article. No more constantly updating lists on Salesforce! Wait…what are they here for then? Save yourself some sanity and implement this quick update if you haven’t already.

4. The Secret to Increasing Average Order Value that Nobody is Using

“Billy Mays here!”….It’s pretty much impossible to read that without hearing his iconic voice. It’s also impossible to hear that voice without thinking “annoying @%!$#% infomercials”. But  infomercials put a spotlight on a marketing tactic that transfers beautifully into the digital world. One most people aren’t using: Upsells



Let’s talk about Price Extensions.
Launched this past Summer, Price Extensions for Mobile were highly touted by advertisers like ourselves as an exciting new way to drive more qualified clicks to your specific products from the first position.
Have you tried them? (If not, here’s how to set up Price Extensions)
If so, I’d like to show you an awesome report to help you understand the impact of Price Extensions on your campaign performance.
From your AdWords dashboard, click into your campaign using Price Extensions and click “Ad Extensions” tab. Then click on Segments to further breakdown performance data with the “This Extension vs. Other” segment.
This report will show you how your ad performs when the price extension is clicked on versus the headline. Is giving more information up-front resulting in better conversion rates? Since Price extensions only show in 1st position, there are a number of other variables at play that Google doesn’t give you (like how your ad peforms while in 1st position without the Price Extension showing), but this is a great guage on the impact of Price Extensions on your campaign. So far, we’ve found a lower CTR as compared to most 1st position ads, but a higher conversion rate. How are they going for you?



1. Google Analytics desktop UI gets a refresh with navigation updates & customization tab

Boo! Might seem a bit early, but Google’s already showing off their Halloween costume. “What is it?” you might ask: a new Analytics Dashboard interface!!! Someone must have finally tipped them off that more is not always better. Despite being a simpler design, be sure to check it out…nothing’s scarier than when you favorite analytics tool goes hiding on you.

2. Facebook Tests Ads In Groups, Its Next Potential Cash Cow

In an internet age where no land goes untouched by ads, I bet you took this space for granted! But lets be real, it was bound to happen at some point. As Facebook considers how to infiltrate its ‘Groups’ feature (1B users, 450MM in buy-sell-trade groups) industry experts are speculating that this could generate some of the highest converting ads the platform has served. We think it might top the 4 Best Facebook Ad Tools available today.

3. Apple’s App Store search ads launch: 3 things your should know

Apple’s long-promised and long-awaited search ads are finally here — or almost here. And they’re going to be tremendously important for app publishers and marketers, since 65-80 percent of all app installs happen after a search on either the App Store or Google Play.

4. New Study Reveals Best Time to Show Ads

Research juggernaut Nielson teamed up with Codefuel to lend a hand to the coolest professionals in the world: digital advertisers. Be sure to use Dayparting to choose how your ads serve throughout the day and week.

best time to show ads


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L2 is back to show you how to optimize your Amazon  account.    

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