1.  AMA with Alex Barickman, Data Scientist on Facebook App Ads

2. A Study of Content Based Growth: Thrive Market

Thrive Market recently closed at $111 million dollar series B, and have just passed the $120 million dollar annual revenue mark. For the first nine months following their product launch they didn’t launch a blog or any other brand content. Now their blog has 6MM unique visitors a month. Their strategy is easily adoptable for everyone, so be sure to check it out!

3. Using PPC brand protection to decrease campaign costs by 51%

Keep your friends close and your enemie’s branded keywords even closer! The topic of brand keyword protection gets little attention, but you’re entitled to some rights that can boost your PPC. Don’t let your competitors rip you off!

4. How Thinking Like a Lawyer Made Me a Better Content Marketer

It’s not all paperwork ya’ know? Being a lawyer means you’ve learned the ins and outs of manipulation, emotional appeals, and the like. This lawyer-turned-marketer shares her unique perspective on marketing and writes about how it gave her an edge.



Need Digital Marketing Talent? Hire Liberal Arts Majors

Finding qualified digital marketing candidates is hard. Really hard. Talent is scarce and we often don’t know how to define a role. Marketing jobs no longer fit into buckets like brand manager, copywriter, and ad manager. These “Don Draper” days are long, long gone. If you need digital marketing talent, look no further!



1. Twitter Planning Hundreds More Job Cuts as Soon as This Week

Over the past 12 months Twitter’s share price has dropped 40%. After losing interest from potential buyers – Salesforce, The Walt Disney Co. and Alphabet Inc – it’s rumored they will cut up to 300 people from their staff. Are they on their way down? maxed out? or simply in need of a boost from an outsider?

2. Bing: Hit the ground running with an all new campaign creation workflow 

It’s barely been a week since Google’s Analytics U/I update and Bing has swung right back with an all new campaign creation workflow.  Some key features include:

  • Access to an ad-extension library
  • Improved Keyword Suggestions
  • Performance Estimates

3. Google buys Eyefluence eye-tracking startup

As if Google didn’t already know enough about what you look at! While the potential for eye-tracking to help gain consumer insights is limitless, it seems as though Google is only using it to improve virtual reality performance for now. On a side note…has anyone here tried Google Cardboard? I’d love to hear how it was!

4. 12-year-old accidentally runs up $100,000 Google Adwords bill

Just be thankful it’s not your kid!

[Video of the Week]

Scott Galloway is back with a bold prediction that ??? is going to be the next $300 Billion Company! Fasten you’re seat-belts, the L2 editors did a job on this one 🙂

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