Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #141

Amazon raised their minimum wage to $15 this week, which knocks out one of the biggest criticism Bezos has faced recently. While this might hurt Amazon’s margins in the short run, this effectively removes any sort of stock option for hourly workers, which is undoubtedly a big win for Amazon’s long term strategy.

Read about this and more down below!


Best Slack Hacks for Marketers in 2018

Slack is dominating its crusade against email. In fact, Slack has cut internal email use in half for businesses using the platform. But email isn’t the only industry Slack is turning on its head. Marketing as a whole is changing.

For my team, email has hit absolute zero internally, but the value we get from Slack goes far beyond team communication, private discussion, and business to business deals. We’ve automated huge portions of social media management, website analytics, design, KPI reporting, and even sales using Slack.

We cover all of this in our blog post. Read it now!


 2 MIN SNAP Forecast downgrades 2018 Snap ad-revenue outlook by 36 percent

Although Snap announced new ecommerce tools and a valuable partnership with Amazon, forecasts are still not looking bullish.


7 MINAMAZON Amazon’s hourly workers lose monthly bonuses and stock awards as minimum wage increases

Bezos responds to his biggest criticism by introducing a $15 minimum wage structure for all US employees. Great PR, but some people are skeptical that it’s actually a better deal, since hourly workers were provided stock options which are much more valuable in the long run.

3 MINFACEBOOK Facebook’s ‘Premiers’ videos now available to all global Pages

All marketers can now upload pre-recorded videos that play as live footage to all Facebook pages. Facebook will also introduce live polls and more audience engagement features.


How to Crush Your Holiday AdWords Campaigns in 2018

Q4 is creeping up on us. Which means if you haven’t started prepping for a busy holiday season, you must start today! In this video, our Co-Founders talk about all the best Google Shopping strategies to implement today. Enjoy!

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