1. Read this AMA (ask me anything) with Duolingo’s VP of Growth and Marketing, Gina Gotthilf

Seriously. And if you haven’t read any AMA’s from Growthhackers, here are my personal favorites: 1) Kevan Lee, Buffer 2) Andrew Dumont 3) Menaka Shroff

2. How to Calculate the Customer Acquisition Cost of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the most difficult endeavors to justify for your business because the return on investment is nearly impossible to track. Even if your attribution and lead tracking is perfect, it’s still tough to answer the simple question: how much does it cost to acquire a single customer from our content?

3. Dynamic Ad Extensions: don’t let your sitelinks and callouts get out of date

Follow this awesome deep dive from Search Engine Land’s Daniel Gilbert on how to transform your search ads with Dynamic Ad Extensions. For a brief intro to dynamic ad extensions and the other 14 ad extensions, check out our ad extension guide

4. WordPress Launching Advanced SEO Tools to Help Website Owners

If you’re using WordPress, you’re likely aware of plug-ins like Squirrely or Yoast SEO. While these are great, they can get pricey to get the full features. But now, WordPress is making moves to make this easier for all of their customers. Woo!!



Get yourself a free coffee at 7/11 by simply downloading their app today and through the weekend (October 7th-9th). You’ve earned it… or maybe you didn’t, but that doesn’t matter!



1. Snapchat valuation estimated at $25B

The average person laughed in the face of Snapchat founders Evan Speigel and Bobby Murphy’s refusal to sell to Facebook for $5B in 2013. Now, the simple disappearing photo-sharing platform is becoming one of the largest media giants in the world. (Read about other updates to the Snapchat ad platformh)

2. Facebook Announces Changes to Average Watch Time Metric… with a Catch

As we mentioned last week, Facebook revealed that they had been misreporting average watch time on videos. It brings into question the need for 3rd party monitoring for ad platforms (watch the video below).

3. [Case Study] What makes people unfollow brands on social media

Want to know how to piss people off on social media? I don’t suggest running a test to find out. Instead, read this graphic!

sprout social social media report

4. [Forum] Nobody Gives a S#!* About How Many Cups of Coffee Your Agency Drinks

The title speaks for itself.

[Video of the Week] L2inc. Winners & Losers
Losers: Google AND Facebook?!!?!

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