Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #100
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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #100

The 10 Most Popular Links from 100 Newsletters

The 100th AdHawk digital marketing weekly roundup is HERE! I know. It’s Friday. Monday is Christmas, so you’re either sitting on a couch not thinking about work, sitting at work not thinking about work, or traveling to see family not thinking about work.

So, I’ll keep it simple. This week, we’re sharing the 10 most popular links from our first 100 newsletters. Since 84 marketers received Roundup #1, and more than 15,000 of you received Roundup #99.5, popularity was scored using the % of total email clicks a single resource received from that edition.

Next week, we’re going to share allllll the most interesting stats from 100 weeks of newsletters. Like:

  • Which tactics drove the most roundup subscribers – popups? opt-in boxes? paid ads? giveaways?
  • Which of the 257 different blogs we’ve featured have the highest engagement rate?
  • What happened when we switched from Mailchimp to Hubspot?
  • What the heck happened to Roundup #29?

We got some great feedback to take to heart for the next 100 roundups:

You’d think [AdWords] was a unicorn with how limited Google’s info and resources are… I love the news and tips you give on it” – Amber, Marketing Strategist

As an agency employee and a part-time freelancer, your newsletters keep me informed and ahead-of-the-curve across several channels. I frequently forward newsletters to the appropriate teams at our agency (search, social, media, etc.) so that we can be sure our clients are prepared for what’s next… This is invaluable to our clients, and therefore, our agency” – Bryan, Content Strategist

I looooove the reading time on the “Must Reads” – Jade, Boutique Agency Founder

10 Must Reads from 2016 & 2017

8 MIN | 10 Chrome Extensions to Make You a Better Marketer | #65
: Gifs, Google Analytics data, proper grammar, broken link checker, social media publishing, tab management, email finder, Twitter list builder, and SEO tools.

6 MIN | 10 Time-Saving Google Sheet Templates for Marketers | #29 
My 5 Favorites
: Autopopulating blog post tracker, Moz post metrics, Google Analytics heatmap.

13 MIN | Hubspot’s List of Landing Page Examples | #82
: A bunch of landing pages for all industries to get the creative juices flowing. Even if you feel like you just updated your landing page, it’s probably time for a fresh A/B test.

2 MIN | Facebook’s Text Overlay Tool | #44
: If you have text in your ad creative, always always always always upload the image to the Text Overlay Tool before launching. Too much text will mean higher costs for you.

14 MIN | How to Properly Link Google AdWords and Google Analytics | #87
Keys: If you want to stay sane as a marketer, you need to have a central source of truth for your data. There’s nothing worse than looking at results or data and feeling like you don’t trust the numbers. This is a crucial step to simplifying digital ads and understanding your ROI across marketing channels.

1-100 MIN | Moat’s Display Ad Search Engine | #22
: Simply type in a brand name and see what display ads they’re currently running. I love searching for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see how they advertise their advertising platforms to advertisers on a competitor’s advertising platform.

5 MIN | How to Set Up Gmail Ads | #23
: If you haven’t tested out Gmail ads through Google’s AdWords Display Network, put that atop your acquistion to-do list in 2018. Just like excluding mobile apps or preventing your ads from showing on a certain device, creating a Gmail ad feels like a secret skill by how hard Google makes it.

6 MIN | 3 Free AdWords Testing Tools to Adopt Today | #3 & 98
: Earlier this year, we built an internal tool to instantly create a bunch of different versions of the same Expanded Text ad to test on Google Search. We wrote about it in Search Engine Land.

8 MIN | How to Target Multiple Keywords on One Page | #75
Keys: Since we started this newsletter, our organic traffic has grown from ~10 people per day, to over 15,000 per month. Moz’s blog is our go-to SEO resource. You can also just pay to be on top of the search results in just a couple clicks. To each their own. 

6 MIN3 Creative Instagram Ad Strategies Every Marketer Can Learn From | #75
: Impact without intrusiveness. How to find and work with influencers in your industry. How to choose which organic content to turn into ads.

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