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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #86

The latest and greatest in Digital Advertising

Thanks for joining us for yet another fantastic edition of our Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup. We’ve got a wonderful list of helpful content lined up for you this week and I’m excited to get started.

Let’s get right into it!



Implementing the Pixel requires close attention to detail, some technical know-how, and patience. We were amazed at how few resources there are out there to answer FAQs and help advertisers avoid common mistakes with the Facebook Pixel. So here’s exactly that!


How top performing marketers are winning with customer journeys

How do you use data to better understand your customers? Michael Sharkey talks about the importance of developing a customer journey to go beyond traditional acquisition.

Watch the video and learn how to work smarter.

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Thanks for reading. See you next week 🙂

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