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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #88

The Latest and Greatest in Digital Advertising

Hi there,

This week we accelerate our knowledge on AdWords delivery methods, take a peak at Bitcoins influence on digital advertising, and highlight some admazing new Google and Faceook features!

Excuse the puns and have some fun reading Weekly Roundup #88.



How to Set Up Accelerated Delivery in AdWords

There’s a reason you’ve heard the saying “Timing is Everything”. Accelerated Delivery is AdWords way of saying “we agree”. Learn how to adjust the delivery method of your ads based on what works best for your product and audience with this weeks Pro Tip.

Let’s dig in.



Bitcoin Meets Digital Advertising

You may have heard of Bitcoin…but what about AdExBAT, or Kin? These companies are using blockain technology (a.k.a. the magic tech behind cryptocurrencies) to disrupt the digital ad world, create a more efficient digital ecosystem, and make a ton of money doing it.

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Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weekend 🙂

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