1. The top 50 marketing influencers on Snapchat (that aren’t DJ Khaled)

If you’d rather have some marketing insights in your Snapchat feed than your cousins dog or friends office view, check out these marketers bringing the heat on Snapchat.

2. Optimize Ads Like a Data Scientist (even if you hate math)

There are a gazillion “How I achieved [unbelievable result] by… [doing almost nothing] in … [almost no time]” stories. Such stories are usually unconfirmed, exaggerated claims written by self-proclaimed “growth-hackers”. Bleh. We don’t learn a lot from them. Here’s one of the six tips we at AdHawk practice as our mission for data-driven success:

Commit to making decisions based on data
Do yourself a favor: say “I don’t know” 5 times before you start planning your ad campaign.

“I don’t know the best ad copy. ”
“I don’t know the best image.”
“I don’t know the best demographic … location…”

You get the idea. Be comfortable not knowing. Embrace the uncertainty and let data and evidence guide you. Read more.

3. 6 Tricks — You Haven’t Tried — to Lift User Onboarding

You know user onboarding best practices like the importance of driving users to their Aha! Moment. But it’s unlikely you’ve truly maxed the effectiveness of your user onboarding flow. So here are the six tricks you haven’t tried to improve your user onboarding experience (Be sure to check out the full article for examples and specifics on these tips and tricks):

  1. Send Users on a Mission from Your Welcome Message
  2. Don’t Just Drop New Users Onto Your Dashboard
  3. Use Tooltips to Point the Way
  4. Use Your Welcome Email to Establish a Relationship
  5. Focus On One Step at a Time
  6. Personalize Messages to the Max

4. 6 quick steps to jump-start your influencer marketing program

On average, influencer marketing returns $6.85 for every dollar. And it costs next to nothing to get started. To me, that is a scary good opportunity a marketer can’t pass up no matter your industry. Check out these 6 steps and hitch a ride on the influencer train.

One interesting tip out of the six was to build an Influencer Loyalty program. Finding creative ways to make influencers feel valued will have tremendous value down the road.


Smart Tip of the Week

Gather Hidden Data with AdWords Search Campaigns

If you’re targeting ads within the United States, be sure to add targeting for the following groups (tutorial linked):
The 6 Income Brackets 
College Campuses
Commercial Areas

By layering these targeting segments under your location targeting, you segment your data in 9 new ways. This compiles performance data along key demographic segments for potentially huge wins when optimizing campaigns.



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