1. Read this week’s update as a Twitter Moment! 

We can now create and curate content for custom Twitter Moments. Check out today’s and let us know if we should keep making them 

2. Apple Releases Search Ads, $100 Credit to Advertisers

The day has come! Apple already takes 30% of all in-app purchases and will now further monetize one of its core products – the App Store. Expect an AdHawk integration soon 🤓

3. Preparing your eCommerce Company for the Chatbot Revolution

This seemingly out-of-reach tech is becoming more ubiquitous than you might think. Read more.

4. SEO Hacks that earned Yummly 20 million monthly website visitors

This is some next-level stuff from the Yummly team. We share a lot of information about optimizing your content for Search, but nothing at the scale of a company like Yummly. If you’ve ever searched for a recipe, you’re probably already away of Yummly.


Smart Tip of the Week

Gmail Ads, Gmail Ads, Gmail Ads

If you’ve never heard of them, you can thank me later!

If you’re not using them, set one up!!

Need help setting them up or optimizing? Reach out to us. 



1. Facebook Advertising Quarterly Updates

There are 60 million Business Pages, 4 million active advertisers, and 500,000 Instagram advertisers. More from Venture Beat

2. Facebook Misreported Video Views

Facebook’s “Average Video View Time” metric was calculated using video views lasting longer than 3 seconds, dramatically over-inflating view estimates for thousands of advertisers.

3. Snapchat is just Snap, now. 

4. Facebook announces Facebook for Work?

[Video of the Week] L2inc. Winners & Losers

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