Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup 137

Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup #137

Hey there,

A few weeks ago, Google AdWords rebranded to Google Ads…and this week, Amazon rebrands its ad products to….

ūü•Ādrum roll please¬†ūü•Ā

Yup you guessed it – Amazon Advertising! Read on to find out what changes Jeff Bezos is making¬† ūüĎá


Facebook Ad Tools You Can’t Ignore in 2018

When it comes to Facebook, people tend to wear their emotions, interests, books they probably haven’t read, hobbies they’re about to get into, and actors they fantasize about on their digital sleeves.

Facebook’s average active user likes upwards of 20 pages that assign them to certain behavioral and interest-based groups. Facebook Ads makes this information fully available to advertisers, only, they make it tough to find and understand. Check out 9 of the best Facebook Ad tools with tips on how to integrate them into your next ad campaign.


2 MIN | GOOGLE Google Search Console out of beta, adds more features

Google Search Console provides data and insights on how your website is performing on Google. The most notable feature of the new console is the URL inspection tool, which inspects and debugs any of your indexed webpages.

4 MIN |¬†TWITTER¬†Twitter sheds 6% following CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony

While Facebook, Twitter, and Google have made drastic measures to improve detection efforts, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Although investors are losing some confidence in the stock, this is a small speed bump after coming off a¬†very successful year.

3 MIN | AMAZON Amazon streamlines ad products under new Amazon Advertising brand

Say Goodbye to AMG, AMS, and AAP – it’s all Amazon Advertising now. Mind you, it’ll still be a while until they fully phase out, this power move is a statement to Google and Facebook that they’re infiltrating the ad space – and fast!


How to Crush Your Holiday Google Ad Campaigns in Q4

My local pharmacy is already selling Halloween candy. Now, I know how annoying that can be, but we as marketers must to prepare for our busiest season of the year as soon as possible.

That’s why in this very special episode, Dan and Todd uncover how you can crush your Q4 Holiday AdWords Campaigns in the middle of the summer!

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