1. 20 Social Media Marketing Metrics You MUST Measure
So many tools, so many metrics, but which are the right one for you? Answer: These 20…


 2. 7 Types of Push Notifications Users Actually Enjoy 
Honestly, I couldn’t think of 1 before reading this list, but these 7 make a great argument for using push notifications for your business.

3. 3 Common Legal Social Media Marketing Issues & How to Avoid Them
The music, photos, videos, or contests you use on Twitter or Facebook might be costing you some serious legal troubles down the road. Here’s how to avoid it.

A quick tip on photo usage – Use these 16 stock image websites to find all the attribution-free stock images your heart desires.

4. Top 11 Actionable Takeaways from this Year’s Growth Hacking AMA’s
If each AMA from the past 12 months alone features fifty comments (which is low-balling it), you’d have to sift through 1,000 questions and answers.

5. Our 4 Favorite Google Shopping Data Feed Management Tools 
Managing the Data Feed for your Google Shopping campaign is a pain in the butt. And yet, so so so so so important to getting the most for your $$. These tools will help manage, AdHawk can always help optimiz campaigns.


Smart Tip of the Week

Get familiar with Ad Frequency on Facebook

The two most important elements of a successful Facebook campaign are audience and image (or video). Even if you perfect the formula, you can ruin the life of a campaign by not understanding frequency.

Read this post from Search Engine Watch about Frequency’s potential impact on your campaigns.



1. Facebook Wants Advertisers to Speed Up Your Site… Or Else…

2. Google adds ‘Reviews from the web’ to critic reviews in local search results
To be considered for inclusion sites will need to use review snippet markup.

3. LinkedIn’s new conversion tracking will break down purchases, sign-ups by audience segment
LinkedIn’s conversion tracking won’t only tally how many people saw or clicked on an ad and eventually did something on the advertiser’s site. The business-centric social network’s tool will cross-reference those converters with its own audience data so that brands can get a better idea of which ads work for which specific types of people and how.

[Video of the Week] L2inc. Winners & Losers
Loser: Brands ignoring Google Maps. High search visibility doesn’t guarantee a retailer will show up in location-based searches.

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