When it comes to Facebook, people tend to wear their emotions, interests, books they probably haven’t read, hobbies they’re about to get into, and actors they fantasize about on their digital sleeves. Facebook’s average active user likes upwards of 20 pages that assign them to certain behavioral and interest-based groups. Facebook Ads makes this information fully available to advertisers, only, they make it tough to find and understand. Check out 4 of the best Facebook Ad tools with tips on how to integrate them into your next ad campaign. Facebook Feelings

1. Behavior Targeting

Facebook users are more than a demographic segmented by age, gender, and location. They’re living, breathing, trend-following beings who do and say a lot about their preferences and behavior on the web. Using interests and web behavior give marketers revealed preferences, which are far more powerful than general umbrella categories like age group and living in Boulder, Colorado. To access Facebook’s User-Behavior data and begin creating target markets, follow these steps:

  • Home > Ads Manager (left sidebar) > Audience Insights (left sidebar) > Create New (top)
  • Advanced (left sidebar) > Behaviors (from dropdown)

From here, you can begin to refine your targeting. Although there is a “Work” tab within the Advanced setting, I find “Job Role” within the Behaviors tab to be a much more effective targeting solution. The Work tab is limited to categories such as “Business and financial operations” or “Sales”, whereas Behaviors can more widely target small business owners, business marketing professionals, or Managerial position holders.

Target by Job Title FacebookTarget Job Roles Facebook


2. Only Pay for Video Ads When People Actually Watch Them

Apple Music wasn’t the only important tech update on Tuesday (June 30). Facebook now hosts an option where advertisers will only be charged fees if their video is viewed by the user for more than 10 seconds. In addition to the greater story-telling capabilities for content creation, this prevents one’s wallet falling victim to people’s rapid-scroll compulsions.

3. Target Newlyweds, People New to Town

Remember what I said about wearing emotions on digital sleeves? Well, people are also more that willing to let you know about major life events such as “first kiss” and “lost weight today.”As useful as those may be, Facebook categorizes the plethora of available events into more productive categories:

Target by Life Events on FacebookWieight-Loss-Life-Event



For instance, a restaurant may want to target Facebook users who are newly in a relationship – a market more actively seeking new places to dine.

Bill Hader likes the creepiness


4. “Tap, Tap Done”: Creating leads in 2 taps

Along with Facebook’s improved video ad targeting in #2, Facebook Lead Ads are fresh off the printing press, and they’re boom-tap-done easy. Just as saved forms on web browsers save you from entering the mundane slots of information for every site, service, and carry out order you encounter on the web, Facebook Lead Ads populate sign-up flows for Leads with user’s information, making the process from impression to submission of Lead information as easy as: 1, 2, 3

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

BONUS* 5. Facebook Ads reporting and management with the AdHawk app

the best facebook ads tool

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