“Digital advertising is complicated.”

If you’ve followed AdHawk for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard us say this more than once. We say it so often because it’s true. Digital advertising is complicated. My co-founder Dan and I know this well having worked in the digital advertising trenches on the AdWords team at Google.

Our goal when we launched AdHawk in 2015 was to deliver a tool that helped with two of the most time consuming and confusing aspects of advertising online: reporting and campaign optimization.

The AdHawk platform in its current release.

To date, we’ve helped hundreds of advertisers simplify their digital advertising efforts on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. AdHawk customers accept 92.8% of the optimization tips they receive from our algorithm, saving them an average of 60 hours per month managing their ad campaigns. That’s time back to focus on other aspects of their businesses.

It’s a good start, but far from being the one-stop-shop for digital advertisers that Dan and I dreamt about after leaving Google. The most common piece of feedback we received from our customers was the need for streamlined campaign creation across Google and Facebook in one unified dashboard. The more we heard this, the more it made sense. The more it made sense, the faster we wanted to deliver this feature to our customers.

Today we’re excited to announce our acquisition of Automate Ads (Y Combinator ‘15) to help bring unified campaign creation to AdHawk.

This acquisition is part of a larger strategy to expand the AdHawk platform and bring us one step closer to being a central hub for all digital advertising needs. There’s a lot of work to be done, but our plan is to have Automate Ads fully integrated into AdHawk by January 2018.

We’ll be keeping you updated as we progress. In the meantime, what questions do you have? What frustrates you most about digital advertising? How can we help you today?

Email me at todd@tryadhawk.com—I promise I answer every one that hits my inbox 😉

Todd Saunders
CEO @ AdHawk

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Todd is the co-founder and CEO of AdHawk. Prior to starting AdHawk, he was a founding member of the Accelerated Growth team at Google, a division of the AdWords team dedicated to helping startups rapidly scale their business. When he’s not experimenting with new campaign strategies, you can find him hustling to find the next diamond in the rough for his fantasy baseball team.