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5 Ways to Add Some Razzle-Dazzle to your Digital Ads

It’s time to move away from your boring text ads and monotonous 280 characters. There are too many people fighting for your piece of the digital pie for you to continue pushing plain content. Take a look at these 5 tips to give your camoflagued ads a little razzle dazzle.

5 ways to create more engaging digital ads

1. Turn your Ad into an eyeball magnet with Gifs on Twitter

popping eyeballs gif

Whether you’re team JIF or team GIF, these simple animated pictures are an amazingly fun communication device between companies and consumers (why ask “what’s up” when Bugs Bunny can say it for you?). There’s great news for you GIF-obsessed marketers – gifs not only automatically play within Twitter Feeds as users scroll through, but Twitter’s recent partnership with Giphy allows you to search and insert the perfect gif directly from the Tweet editor.  giphy

As with video content, attaching a GIF forces users to stop out of curiosity and increases the chance they engage with your tweet.

When to use Gifs on Twitter:

  • Product demo Tweet pinned to your profile and linked to your landing page
  • Customer Support Situations
  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, let a gif say it for you

2. Generate Leads inside your audience’s inbox with Custom HTML Gmail Ads

It’s time to break away from the 90’s catalog design Google’s ads are limited by:

[35 Characters]
[35 Characters]

Gmail ads are one of the newest (and most advantageous) ad networks on the market. If you’re not using Gmail Ads, don’t worry! Here’s how to set up Gmail Ads. Gmail ads appear in Gmail’s promotions tab. They behave like an email message, with a short snippet that expands into a larger message.

gmail custom html adsRight now, you’re limited by 144x144px or a 25 character subject line with 100 character description for the collapsed view. The expanded view must contain an image with a maximum size of 650px x [300px-1000px].
To bring things to the next level, Gmail allows you to customize the expanded view to include things like email forms and animated gifs (or both)! More important than the custom appearance of your ad is the ability to take a step out of your funnel! Check out Google’s restrictions for

Check out Google’s restrictions for Gmail Custom HTML Ads.

3. Instant CTR Improvement by adding Emojis… Everywhere

We recently broke down 20 of the best marketing uses for emojis. From email subject lines to Tweets and customer support messages, emojis garner increased engagement rates across the board. It’s a universal language that allows you to connect with an audience in a language they speak.

When it comes to digital advertising, you can use emojis for Sponsored Tweets, Boosted Facebook Posts, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more. Unfortunately, Google killed emoji support for AdWords.

You can use to find your emoji of choice. We don’t think you can go wrong with a hard-hitting ⚡ or ?

Fun fact: the most used emoji in Venmo transactions is ?. We love ?.

4. Stay inspired with these Ad Galleries

5. Create an emotional connection on Facebook with Reactions, Emotions & Native Videos

We’ve talked a lot about Facebook video in previous posts because video is growing at a rapid rate, and Facebook now only charges you if your video ad plays for at least 10 seconds.

Even more recently, Instagram has launched and extended their video ads to a full minute.

Like Twitter GIFs, Facebook Videos break up the incessant posts and pictures from Aunt Nancy’s trip to the Grand Canyon with eye-catching content. In fact, Facebook video content gets the most organic reach out of every post type, saving you money when trying to reach an optimal audience. resource-fb-may-reach

A second trick to help your Facebook posts stand out is through the use of Facebook’s emotions filter. Simply tacking on a descriptive using the smiley face beneath the text box or adding one of Facebook’s specific emoticons “can increase Likes by 57%, comments by 33%, and shares by 33% over posts without them” according to the folks at HubSpot. Those are big increases for a simple action.

Finally, your audience can tell you exactly how they feel about your post using Reactions instead of Likes. Use these to gauge audience engagement and sentiment towards your ad.

faceobok reactions gif


At the end of the day, your ads need to stand out to achieve your goals. Take the extra steps to shake and bake a little more creativity and emotion into your posts.


Now it’s your turn

Now it’s time to make some killer ads. If need help creating Display ads, download the free dimensions template via the CTA below. If you have any questions, be sure to drop us a comment or tweet us @AdHawk. We read every tweet!

5 responses to “5 Ways to Add Some Razzle-Dazzle to your Digital Ads

  1. Seems like a very interesting article. I enjoy the creativity from your 3rd point regarding Facebook video usage. Though recent studies have shown that sharing posts have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past few years, posting videos still remains the clear-cut winner of total awareness capability. Overall, great article and I am thrilled for your next one!

      1. Hey Mike, thanks for reaching out!
        GoPro’s Facebook Ads are definitely a personal favorite – they follow my guidelines below to a T. The best video ads are ones that educate viewers (Lowe’s, Food Network), inspiring viewers (see: UPS), Entertain (BuzzFeed Video)

        As for general Video Ad practices, here are a few I would stick with:

        1. Make it visually appealing from the start. Once your video enters the user’s view in the newsfeed, it will start playing. With social media user’s shot attention span, you have VERY limited time to grab the viewer. FB gives you almost 2GB for your video, which allows for more hi-def videos that can capture a viewers attention.
        2. Include a Value-Proposition. What is the point of this Ad? Why should the viewer care? What painpoint are you relieving or asset are you providing? Depending on your Ad and purpose, the answer to these questions should be clear.
        3.Include a Call-to-action. With Facebook, you can add on Call-To-Action buttons such as “download” or “shop now”. Either with the ad, or in the video, prompt the viewer towards some goal.
        4. Make sure the video’s target audience and the ad campaign’s target audience are aligned. Don’t waste money by marketing to a general audience when your video is directed specifically to college-aged males.
        5. Use them! Videos rank more favorably in timelines than photo or simple linked posts. So: Properly set your target market when starting the ad campaign, grab your viewer visually, provide value to them, and call them to act. You can even include a video in your about section or as a video

        Hope this helps!

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